Wood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floorcleaning & refinishing

Home and business owners have seemingly countless options when choosing what type of floor to have in their building but, almost all would agree that wood floors are some of the most stunning. That said, refinishing wood floors, hardwood floor restoration, and hardwood floor cleaning can be challenging and complicated processes that could eat up a lot of your time, money, and resources. Thankfully, the experts at Kirei Cleaning are here for you. Our professional wood floor cleaning staff and hardwood floor cleaning service is the best in Vancouver, and we are here to help you anyway we can.

Whether you are looking to hire experts for refinishing your wood floor or just need some pointers on how to best tackle hardwood floor cleaning on your own, Kirei Cleaning has the answers. Below are some of the most common questions we see when it comes to taking on hardwood floor restoration projects on your own

Hardwood Cleaning:the different types

Absolutely not! There are a variety of types of wood floors and each requires its own special type of care.

Surface-sealed floors are the most common and can typically just be swept and mopped regularly, as they do not stain or experience water damage. Oil-treated and penetrating-seal-treated floors are another common type of wood floor and require special paste or wax to protect. Finally, some homes or buildings also have untreated wooden floors. This type of floor can be treated the same as oil-treated floors, either with protective wax or paste or with varnish, lacquer, or shellac.

How often should I clean my wood floor?

Hardwood floor cleaning will vary from building to building and floor to floor, largely based on how heavily it is used and what kind of foot traffic it sees. For scarcely used floors, you can get away with mopping once a month or even every couple of months. For floors that see a lot of use, sweeping every day and mopping every week is a good way to keep your floor in good condition to avoid any major hardwood floor restoration projects.

What should I use to clean my wood floor?

There are a variety of products available for you to use when cleaning your floor. Each will have its pros and cons and ultimately it is up to you to decide what is best for your floor, budget, and goals. At Kirei, we always strive to use the most eco-friendly cleaning products available that still get the job done. As you begin the cleaning process, use the minimal amount of water necessary as excess water can damage the wood. When you have finished mopping with your chosen solution, mop your floor again with clean water to serve as a rinse.

Does refinishing wood floors take a long time?

The time it takes to refinish your wood floor is totally subjective and based on the size of the room, the type of finish you are using, the speed at which you work, and many other variables. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind. Like with many paint jobs, there is a lot of prep work that needs to be done before you begin laying finish onto your floor. Moving furniture, preparing the room, and sanding the floor can take a few days. Typically, oil based polyurethanes take a few days to coat and need more time to dry than water based alternatives. Further, darker stains generally need more time to dry than lighter stains. Taking all of this into consideration, and depending again on the size of your room, you can expect refinishing your floors to be at least a weeklong project. For best results, it is crucial to let your newly refinished floors dry completely before moving furniture back into the room or walking on the surface.

How often should I clean my wood floor?

This depends on how good of a job was done and the type of finish chosen but, that said, many refinished floors can last up to a decade before they start to fade and require a touchup. Once you have refinished it once, there are also a handful of options available to retouch your floor without having to go through the entire process again start to finish.

There is a lot to consider when cleaning or refinishing your wood floors. For some that is inspiring while for others it can be completely intimidating. If you fall into the latter category, reach out to Kirei Cleaning to inquire about our professional wood floor cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning services. Whether you need some pointers or would like to schedule an appointment, our expert staff is ready to help!