When Should Your Strata Hire a Janitor?

When Should Your Strata Hire a Janitor?

If you own or manage a strata, then you know that it is both a community responsibility to keep things tidy as well as your obligation to keep common areas free of dirt and debris. There are so many things to manage. The lobby, elevator, and entrance way need to be kept free of dirt, waste, slush, and snow. All the glass surface must be polished clean of fingerprints. Hallways need to be vacuumed. Gyms, party rooms, and common areas must be spotless for residents to enjoy. Litter and sidewalks must be kept clean, and strata notices need to be posted along with all those lightbulbs being replaced. It is a serious effort.

Maybe you have tried to do it yourself in the past and have been unable to keep up, or perhaps you do not have the expertise or equipment to do things like power wash, steam clean, or maintain floors. If you are overwhelmed by the mess, then it is time to hire an outside company like the professionals at Kirei Cleaning to get the job done right.

Lack of Satisfaction or Difficulties with In-House Janitors

You may have decided to hire cleaning staff directly rather than hire a company to come and do the cleaning. While there are pros to going this route, taking care of a strata is often too much for just one person, and hiring more than one person is not economical, especially when you consider the specialty equipment needed to get the job done right. Hiring an outside company will save you money on equipment, and you will have the benefit of all of our maintenance supplies including floor waxers and polishers, steamers, power washers, and much more. You also do not have to worry about covering for vacations, sick days, managing accounting, or any kind of HR duties; we handle everything for you. You just schedule us to come in, and we get the job done.

Deep Cleaning Needs

Over time dirt can get set into sidewalks and entryways outside of your building, and into grout in tiles. This is especially bad when winter turns to spring. If you need deep cleaning done outside or indoors, then you need to give us a call. At Kirei Cleaning we can get even the most ground-in dirt out of ceramic tiles and grout, and our power-washing services can get your entryway and outside space looking brand new once winter is over.

Extra Security

If your strata does not have a concierge then having a cleaning service like Kirei Cleaning come in is a great way to help with security checks. At the end of each shift, we perform a security check to make sure that everything is locked up properly and nothing is amiss. Having another group of dedicated people looking out for the well-being of your building will help your peace of mind.

Just Out Of Reach

We have all the tools and expertise needed to do cleaning up high. We can clean tall windows, walls, and ceilings of dirt and dust. Unless you purchase the correct tools, which you will have to find somewhere to store, then these areas often get missed and end up making what are supposed to be gorgeous vaulted ceilings and windows look less than desirable. If you have high ceilings that you just can’t reach we can come in and keep them spotless.

Kirei Cleaning In Your Strata

There are so many reasons to trust your cleaning to Kirei Cleaning. Our team of professionals promise to get the job done efficiently and leave you with a beautiful property. If you are looking for janitorial services in Vancouver, you need to give us a call!