Ways to Make Cleaning Fun

Ways to Make Cleaning Fun

There’s nothing worse than waking up on a bright, sunny Saturday morning, only to realize that you have to spend the day cleaning the entire house. Whether you had plans set or were just excited to spend a relaxing day at home, having to fill some of that time organizing your home can actually be something to look forward to. How, you might ask? By finding simple ways to make each task pleasant to do. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, keep reading this guide and discover how you can have fun cleaning.

Play Some Music

Whatever music you like to listen to, blast it loudly to elevate your mood, clear your mind and get you motivated to clean your house. Any task can be fun if you make it so. Standing over the sink, moping about having to wash a mountain of dishes isn’t going to make the job go faster. Playing music can cheer you up, so don’t be afraid to turn it on and jam out.

It’s a Workout!

Depending on the kind of cleaning your doing, you could potentially burn a lot of calories. Think about it, you’re on your feet the entire time, moving back and forth, lifting things constantly. There’s a reason you find yourself sweating while cleaning, it’s a lot of work. With the right attitude and some tunes, you can really get a workout in while cleaning, effectively killing two birds with one stone if you were planning on going to the gym later that day.

Make it a Game

The same way you turned house cleaning into a workout, alter it into a game. You can involve anyone else that may be home, (roommates, kids, whoever’s home) or just have some fun on your own. If you decide to include others, try assigning certain chores with a set amount of points. Whoever finishes the chore gets the point, and by the end of the week, tally everything up and declare a winner.

Race the Clock

If you’re a competitive person, setting a timer for yourself to finish a certain task can motivate you into cleaning the entire house without realizing it. Pick a goal time, set the timer and go! If you’re able to finish under whatever time you chose, then reward yourself with a break or a luxury snack. Keep this up, and you’ll be done cleaning before you know it.

Create a Chore List

While it might not seem like a fun way to clean your house, having a chore list will keep you organized and on track. It can also be used in conjunction with any of the other fun paths provided for you. Or just add a reward system for every task you finish.

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