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Furniture Cleaning in Vancouver

While it is easy to notice when windows get smudged or floors get dirty, one thing that often slips through the cracks is upholstery. Commercial & Residential furniture cleaning is a great way to keep your building clean, prevent the spread of illness, and showcase the professional nature of your organization. After a visit from our commercial upholstery cleaning experts at Kirei Cleaning will have your furniture looking brand new and will work with you every step of the way. As you shop around for the best upholstery cleaning in Vancouver or for different options for upholstery cleaning for businesses, look no further than Kirei Cleaning.

Why is commercial upholstery cleaning so important?

As mentioned above a clean commercial space communicates a lot to your guests, employees, or clients; however, aside from obvious stains, furniture can mask the filth within rather well. Furniture and upholstery trap dirt, allergens, and bacteria amidst their many fibers, and when someone sits down those are all rereleased into the air. Further, the percentage of dust and dirt in your fabrics and furniture skyrockets if your commercial space is carpeted. Between cleaning obvious stains and mitigating the buildup of unseen dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria regular commercial furniture cleaning is certainly in your business’ best interest.

How can I keep my carpets in shape between cleaning services?

Our experts at Kirei take pride in the work we do and aim to leave your furniture looking brand new after each visit. After inspecting each piece of furniture, we will establish a strategy customized to the upholstery and your space as a whole. From there, we will work tirelessly to remove any major stains, deep clean the upholstery, completely sanitize the piece of furniture, and deodorize any lingering smells. Our commercial upholstery cleaning process aims to protect your furniture from future damage and restore your upholstery to near its original state. By doing so, it is our goal at Kirei to extend the life of all of your furniture, which in turn will save you money on future investments.

How often does upholstery cleaning for businesses need to occur?

Each business looking for upholstery cleaning in Vancouver will differ in terms of how often they need this service complete. Most furniture manufacturers will suggest deep cleaning your upholstery at least every two to four years. This, however, varies immensely based on how often your furniture is used, the amount of foot traffic your commercial space sees, and your personal view of cleanliness. You can prolong the need for professional upholstery cleaning in Vancouver by taking good care of your furniture on your own and regularly cleaning upholstery to prevent major buildup of dust, dirt, germs, and stains.

Keeping your commercial space’s furniture and upholstery clean is as important as cleaning the floors, walls, and windows. While it may go unnoticed to the untrained eye, a dirty piece of furniture can have a far greater impact to your work environment than any other surface. If it has been a while or perhaps you have never had commercial upholstery cleaning for your business, now is the time! Give our friendly and passionate staff at Kirei Cleaning a call today to get a quote or schedule an appointment. Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients give their commercial space a facelift.


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