Apartment Cleaning Checklist

Apartment Cleaning Checklist

Keeping your apartment clean and tidy can be a monumental challenge if you let it pile up. Keeping a checklist of things that need to get done and when they need to get done can help keep even the most disorganized person on track, leading to a happier home. Living somewhere clean lets you get more done, makes it easy to find things, allows you to relax, allows you to host others, is great for children, and can help you sleep better. Keeping a cleaning regime going means that you can have that beautiful tidy house, without spending an entire backbreaking weekend (or longer!) achieving it. Here is a checklist compiled by our Vancouver Cleaners from Kirei.

Here is what you can do on a daily, weekly, monthly, and bi-yearly basis to keep your apartment sparkling and you feeling invigorated.

• Clean any hair out of drains
• Tidy up in the bedroom, put everything where it should be.
• Wash all the dishes you made during the day, or place them in the dishwasher for cleaning once it’s full.
• Clean out the sink in the kitchen and bathrooms so that no grime builds up, which will keep you from having to do a deep scrub down the line.
• Every day tie your garbage bag off and go throw it out! This is especially important if you have a pest problem, but also no one wants a week old, overflowing, smelly garbage can sitting in their kitchen or bathroom.
• Wipe up all spills made around the house – don’t ever say you’ll leave that until the next day. Spills can become almost impossible to get up and can also attract bugs.

• Clean out the toilet bowl in your bathroom and wipe down the seat.
• Clean bathroom mirrors and any other mirrors around your home.
• Scrub out the tub.
• Sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors – don’t forget to get under all the furniture.
• If your stove has removable parts, take them apart and clean under and around them.
• Wipe down and clean the inside of your microwave. You can easily soften caked on residue by putting a bowl of water inside the microwave and heating it on high for 3 minutes.
• Throw everything away that has expired in the fridge.
• Clean the food trap in your dishwasher out.
• Wash and change your linens.
• Dust your house, this helps cut down on allergens and will keep your air filter from going into overdrive. Don’t forget to get under the bed and do the baseboards and window sills so that dust doesn’t accumulate to the point it needs to be washed off.

• Take the oven racks out from inside your oven and remove all food and crumbs then wash the racks.
• Remove everything from your fridge and scrub it down. Throw away expired food or things that haven’t been used in a while that is not going to be used in the future.
• Wash your blankets and comforters/duvet covers.

• Throw anything away in your cabinets that has expired or donate what you know you’re not going to be using that may just be taking up space.
• Wipe down the inside of the dishwasher and run the cycle with a dishwasher cleaner.
• Clean out your medicine cabinet, and throw away old cosmetics or other expired products. Consider donating what you do not use.
• Wash your windows and take out window screens to wash them in the shower or the backyard. Wash any ceiling fans, ensuring you get the top of the blade.

Contact our Vancouver Cleaners to get an experienced team that will help you with all of these problems just by simply handling them for you!