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POWER WASHINGand Pressure Washing

When you meet someone for the first time, that impression carries a lot of weight and will often stick with you for quite some time. You cannot understate the importance of interpersonal first impressions, but the same goes for businesses and buildings. Oftentimes the first impression of a business or organization is made when you see the exterior of its commercial space. A dirty, unkempt building will send a very different initial message than a business that is well groomed and cared for. Nobody knows this better than the cleaning experts at Kirei Cleaning. While there are countless ways our professionals will work to make your commercial space shine, there are few tools more appropriate for the job than power washers. From large-scale apartment complexes to small retail shops, pressure washing in Vancouver or power washing in Vancouver are near surefire ways to make the exterior of your space shine. Power washing services are arguably the best way to eliminate grit and grime from the outside of your commercial space, and if that’s the goal then let the best pressure washing business in Vancouver take it from here.

Vancouver Pressure Washing vs. Power Washing – What’s the Difference?

While both pressure washing and power washing in Vancouver essentially accomplish the same task, there are subtle differences to note before scheduling either service for your business. Both pressure washing and power washing in Vancouver rely on highly pressurized water to remove grit, grime, weeds, mold and other pesky surface imperfections. Where they differ, however, is that pressure washers require water at a regular temperature whereas power washers use hot water for stain removal. Because of this, pressure washing tends to be less abrasive than power washing. While similar, each service has its purpose. The one you choose will largely depend on your specific situation.

Which is right for your commercial space?

For smaller projects or less dirty areas, pressure washing will usually suffice. Because it is less demanding on the area being cleaned it is the better option to use for more intricate surfaces as well. For large or particularly dirty spaces, power washing is the way to go. The addition of heated water works wonders when eliminating the most stubborn of stains or grimiest of surfaces. You can typically work quicker with a power washer as well, making it the best choice for large areas to be cleaned. That said, power washing services can be more destructive and are best reserved for concrete and more durable surfaces. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what your business needs and what surfaces you are hoping to clean.

Why bother with power or pressure washing in Vancouver?

Aside from just improving the aesthetic appeal of your commercial space, power washing services serve other important purposes as well. Deep cleaning the exterior of your business with a pressure washer will help prevent the buildup of mold, dirt, moss, and other substances that could cause longstanding damage down the line. Further, the same substances that can cause structural damage can also be detrimental to the health of your clients, guests, or employees. They can harbor dust and bacteria or house other allergens and irritants that are no fun to be around. If you are planning a renovation, or even just a new exterior paint job, pressure washing is also a fast and efficient way to clean and smooth the surface so it is ready for whatever project you have in store. Making your commercial space sparkle and shine from the outside is a welcome side effect!.

Our cleaning experts at Kirei can do it all, but few jobs are as rewarding as the completion of an exterior pressure washing session. A few hours behind one of our machines and you can literally watch the dirt and grime wash away – unveiling a beautiful new surface underneath. If you feel that the exterior of your commercial space could benefit from a deep clean, waste no time in calling Vancouver’s top pressure washing business today. Kirei Cleaners are always eager to help!