Looking for Move In/Move Out Cleaning Company in Vancouver?


If you are looking for a professional, reliable, and efficient cleaning service for your move, look no further than Kirei Cleaning! We have provided quality cleaning services for the residents of Vancouver since 2011, including top end move in and move out cleaning options. Check out our prices for Move out cleanings

Moving will produce a lot of mess made from dust, bits of paper, and general foot traffic walking all over your house. When the last box is packed into the moving truck, the last thing you want to deal with is cleaning your entire house one last time before the new tenants enter. Kirei’s cleaning team will take care of that for you to ease the stress a little bit during your move. We will deep clean your old house from top to bottom until the job is done.

We also provide move in services for people who are moving into an unexpectedly dirty home. We will clean your new home using eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products so once we are done, you can instantly start unpacking your stuff to start your new adventure in your brand new home! Our philosophy is to work until the job is done, not by the hour. We ensure you are satisfied with our job, and we won’t leave until you are 100% happy with your professionally cleaned home!

Contact us now at 604-363-2475 or email us at info@kireicleaning.ca to find out more about our services, or to book your appointment!


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