Floor Cleaning

PROFESSIONAL FLOORCleaning Services in Vancouver

Of all the places in your home or business that need regular cleaning, the floor has to be a top priority. No other surfaces see the exposure or use that your floors do and without proper and regular care you could risk irreversible damage. While it can be easy to keep up with normal floor cleaning services on your own, you should consider calling in floor cleaning companies on a semi-regular interval to really give your home or business a fresh new shine.

Kirei Cleaning has worked tirelessly to earn its reputation as one of the top floor cleaning companies in Vancouver, and our experts offer any and all floor maintenance services you may need. From our floor polishing service to deep carpet cleaning, the professional floor cleaners at Kirei work tirelessly to leave every floor in your home or business looking brand new.

CARPETCleaning Services

Carpets, though a rightfully popular and welcome addition to any room, are undeniably difficult to keep clean. Regular vacuuming certainly helps, but the amount of dirt and dust that work their way deep into the threads largely go unnoticed over time. However, one visit by our professional floor cleaners and you will be instantly surprised with how much filth we were able to lift out of the depths of your carpet as it is slowly restored to its colour. Our carpeted floor cleaning services range from shampooing to steam cleaning and all points in between. While each individual floor will vary, Kirei Cleaners has earned its recognition as one of the premiere floor cleaning companies in Vancouver due to the thought and care we put into each project. Our experts will always carve out time to sit down to discuss what exactly you want or need done with your carpets and fit your floor maintenance service into a schedule that works best for you.

Linoleum and Tile Floors

Our professional floor cleaners are happy to help and will eagerly step in to tackle the routine cleaning of your linoleum and tile floors. However, like carpet or marble, regular cleaning on your part is the best way to ensure the prolonged cleanliness and longevity of your floors. Over time, linoleum and tile floors will lose their luster as they are exposed to more and more foot traffic. Additionally, the grout between tiles can and will collect dirt making them darker in appearance. When this starts to occur, it is time to call in the professionals. The experts at Kirei Cleaners have time tested methods to deep clean every inch of your linoleum and tile floors in the most efficient, effective, and eco-friendly way possible. Further, our floor polishing service will leave your linoleum and tile floors looking like they were just installed.

As you start to notice the floors of your home or business seeming a little grimier than you would prefer and your personal routine maintenance just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick in keeping them clean:

Drop one of the best floor cleaning companies in Vancouver a line.

No matter the size of the project or the type of floor, Kirei Cleaners has you covered and will leave the floors of your building looking brand new.

Further, if you simply don’t have the time or resources to conduct routine floor cleanings on your own, we can help.


HARDWOODFloor Cleaning

Home and business owners have seemingly countless options when choosing what type of floor to have in their building but, almost all would agree that wood floors are some of the most stunning. That said, refinishing wood floors, hardwood floor restoration, and hardwood floor cleaning can be challenging and complicated processes that could eat up a lot of your time, money, and resources. Thankfully, the experts at Kirei Cleaning are here for you. Our professional wood floor cleaning staff and hardwood floor cleaning service is the best in Vancouver, and we are here to help you anyway we can. Whether you are looking to hire experts for refinishing your wood floor or just need some pointers on how to best tackle hardwood floor cleaning on your own, Kirei Cleaning has the answers.