Benefits of Green Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Products

Benefits of Green Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Products

If you haven’t switched to eco-friendly products it’s time you did. Eco-friendly products  are manufactured from all natural products, are free from dangerous chemicals and safeguards you from risky additives. They improve your quality of life, decrease the chances of exposing you to diseases and ensure the safety of the planet. Do you need any more reason why you shouldn’t consider switching over?

It’s really not difficult for you to make the choice to create an eco-friendly home. Don’t think of quick fixes. Think of green solutions, long term sustainability and safety. Just read the ingredients and make an informed choice. You can cut back on household waste by opting for less disposable plastic products and use reusable cutlery and plates instead. Little shifts in your mindsets can make a big difference in our environment.

How to Go Green to Protect the Family and the Planet

Better Health: Eco-friendly products do not contain harmful ingredients that endanger your health. There are no chemicals that are absorbed by your skin or inhaled by your children, affecting their health. You save a lot on medical care simply by using greener solutions. Some of the most common chronic illnesses caused by dangerous fumes in cleaning sprays for instance are asthma and allergies.

Safer Environment: Cleaning sprays with chemical products release harmful elements into the air and the environment. Switching to greener solutions helps reduce pollution in our lakes and oceans, air and reduces impact on ozone depletion. In the long run, this in turn helps reduce the effects of global warming. Green products are also packaged more sensitively, minimizing waste through recyclable materials.

Better Products: Regular cleaning products contain corrosive agents that can burn your skin and damage household items. Sprays can irritate your eyes, even create vision problems. Green cleaners are made to meet high standards of safety so the products are qualitatively better and more superior. There is less stench that strong fumes generally emit. On the contrary they are enhanced with pleasant natural oils and scents.

Cheaper and Superior: Green solutions don’t cost the earth. You can find some of them right in your kitchen or backyard garden such as lemon juice, white vinegar, olive oil, etc. Many of these natural cleaning agents are antibacterial such as lemon juice and vinegar. Chemical antibacterial agents such as Triclosan that is found in soaps actually affect your thyroid and hormonal system. You need cleaning agents with antibacterial agents always for better results. Frequent use of these can promote bacterial resistance on the other hand. Why spend unnecessary dollars on products that endanger your health and environment?

Kirei Cleaning:  Upholstery Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Solutions

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